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Do You Have Court – Cochrane and Area Victim Services

Do You Have Court


“Empowering Victims and Restoring Hope for a Brighter Tomorrow”

Do You Have Court?

Are you due to give evidence in Court? Victim Services can offer you support and guidance throughout this unfamiliar process. Please call our office to discuss your specific needs.


Check out these useful links which may also answer some questions and keep you informed.

Call, text or email us for help!

Call: 403-851-8055

Call: 403-826-6881

The Witness and the Justice System in Alberta
This booklet provides basic information about appearing as a witness in the courts of Alberta. It is designed to explain your role as a witness, save you time and assist you in fulfilling your responsibility.


Interactive Courtroom Preparation 
Interactive courtroom video to help you understand the court and your role.


Teen Witness Court Preparation Program
The Teen Witness Court Preparation Program is designed to provide direct assistance to the increasing number of teens being called upon to testify in court proceedings. The needs of the youth witnesses are primarily addressed in group settings. The Teen Witness Court Preparation Program is structured to ensure the non-contamination of evidence. There is no disclosure or discussion of the youth’s individual circumstances.


Child Witness Court Preparation Program
Supporting child victims and witnesses, professionals and communities involved in the investigations of child abuse.

Courtroom Tips

The following presentation may be helpful in assisting your understanding of court procedures.