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Court Support – Cochrane and Area Victim Services

Court Support

How we help

“Empowering Victims and Restoring Hope for a Brighter Tomorrow”


For some victims of crime, the Canadian Criminal Justice System can be overwhelming and frustrating.  Cochrane Victim Services helps victims understand the Criminal Justice System and guides victims through the process.

There are many questions victims have about the Criminal Justice System such as adjournments and why certain decisions are made.  Cochrane Victim Services can offer resources and information that can be used as reference before, during and after court matters.

In the event a victim is to appear in court, Cochrane Victim Services offers orientation, preparation and accompaniment for victims to their court appearance.

Below are a number of resources that can help explain the criminal justice system.


Cochrane Provincial Court
213 – 1st S. W., Cochrane
Ph: 403-932-3223

Calgary Courts Centre
601 – 5th St. S.W., Calgary
General Inquiries: 1-855-738-4747

Child Witness Court Preparation Program
To book Child court preparation call
Ph: 403-289-8385


Cochrane Victim Services’ Court Support Program is designed to accompany victims and witnesses to court, provide support and guidance through the Criminal Justice System and help prepare victims and witnesses for the criminal justice process.

Cochrane Victim Service staff and victim advocates have detailed knowledge of the court process and aim to support victims and witnesses from the first appearance through to sentencing.

It is not necessary for the victim to attend the court appearances unless notified.  Cochrane Victim Services will keep victims updated on offenders court appearances and assist in understanding.


For more information on the Criminal Justice System and the criminal court process:

Victims of Crime Protocol: What victims of crime can expect from the criminal justice system

Map of the Criminal Court Process

Navigating the Canadian Criminal Justice System


Victims and witnesses who are scheduled to appear in court can speak with a Cochrane Victim Services Court Support Worker prior to their scheduled court date.

If you have been subpoenaed to appear in court as a witness, please contact 403-851-8055 to schedule court orientation.

Court orientation provides witnesses with a clear idea of the court process, what to expect in the court room and the roles within the court room.

For further information about appearing as a witness see below links: 

The Witness and the Justice System in Alberta

Witness Instructions

Courtroom Tips

The following presentation may be helpful in assisting your understanding of court procedures.

The following presentation may be helpful for children: